Extreme hair loss is a troubling situation for most people, especially women. Not only is it a social embarrassment but also a confidence shattering situation that can dampen your spirits. Owing to tremendous stress and other significant factors like medical ailments, bad habits, and environmental related issues, women of all age groups are increasingly facing this dreadful reality.

We understand that fixing uncontrollable hair loss is far from easy but that doesn’t mean that you have to put your life on hold till then. We have a quick fix to your thin/ thinning hair problem. Hair extensions are the easiest, quickest and most reliable way of getting longer, thicker, shinier, voluminous hair in a few minutes. Adding these few extra strands to your natural hair can give your appearance and confidence an instant boost while allowing you to go back to being your happy carefree self.

Although there are many types of best human hair extensions available, these are the ones that are best suited for thin hair:

Tape-in human hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are human hair extensions that you can tape on/apply to your natural hair, closer to your scalp. They aren’t just easy to install, but also highly durable if maintained well. Being lightweight, they are easily concealed within your natural hair and allow for added volume and style. Customers and salons across the world trust premium quality human hair extensions to give thin hair a boost of thickness.

At Superhairpieces the tape in remy human hair extensions come in a pack of 20 pieces (10 sandwiches/pairs) of 50 grams per pack, for a natural look and feel. Tape in hair extensions come in varying lengths, color options, thickness, grade quality, and texture. So why wait for thicker hair when you can have damage-free tape in hair extensions in minutes!

Hand-Tied weft

Hand-tied wefts are a type of human hair extension created by sewing strands of hair together by hand. This method requires less hair and provides a thinner, more natural-looking line when applied to the head.

Although they are delicate and cannot be cut, they are the ideal choice for people who want to add volume in a natural way. Their delicate handcrafted design lies flat on the hair without added bulk or excess weight. This is what makes it ideal for being attached to thin hair. There is no adhesive or tape required during the process, which makes hand tied wefts durable and non-damaging.


G-Wefts are ideal for those with fine, thin hair as they are extremely lightweight, thin, and do not add any bulk at the scalp. It gives you the benefits of both hand tied and machine wefts but at a more affordable price. Besides being durable, G-Wefts are natural-looking, almost invisible and undetectable. They are easy to use as they do not shed hair or have knots.

Pro tip: Place extensions in the middle of the head and never go above the ear. Placing it too low, near your neck, will not give you the thickness you are looking for. The middle is always the sweet spot. It allows the extensions to be bonded nicely while seamlessly integrating into your natural hair.

Remember not to go overboard with hair extensions, especially when you have thin hair. It gives a bulky, obvious look that you definitely don’t want. Always keep in mind that when dealing with human hair extensions, less is more.

Experience the bliss of using high quality human hair toppers from Superhairpieces. Thicker, fuller hair is just a few hair extensions away!